Welcome, My Sweet Bees

Between the lines you read and from behind your screen, I present to you the essence of my bare soul. You will find nothing more here than what it means to me, to be defined as a human in this chaotic world. Join me on the wild roller coaster ride I call my emotions and witness my personal growth experiences. Who knows? We could be more alike than you think.

As a dedicated love warrior, my heart’s mission is that in witnessing my mess, my struggles, and growth, you can learn to understand that you are not alone in your battles. I have learned that nothing and no one will hit harder than life. What truly defines us isn’t how hard we get hit, or what life puts us through, but how we choose to react and recover from these experiences.

Witness my every triumph and every fail. In some personal battles, you may witness that I may muddle through life in my own rabbit hole; only being able to crawl; but as you’ll see through the passing of time, I don’t stay down forever, and you shouldn’t either.  There’s always a reason to grow on.

Thank you for taking time to visit.

“May my hive be a place your wings can rest to continue the flight of life.” – Ms. Honey Bee