Hello Beautiful.

Hey There Honey Bee,

Yes — YOU! I See You. And, just in case no one has told you today – “You Are Beautiful. You Are Rare. You Are Unique. You Are Loved. You Matter.

If you don’t believe me – then know that I, to some degree – understand how such words can be hard to swallow for some. For some of us in this world, it is easier for us to digest words of negativity rather than positive words about ourselves. Trust me… I am an anxious and depressed mess at times myself. But there is no shame in that. We all are guilty of living through those moments.

Let’s take a moment to pause and dissect the word: BEAUTIFUL. By definition, the word means “pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically”. Now, let us consider the obvious fact that each and every human has a different opinion and view on what is or isn’t beautiful. So shouldn’t it be time society caught up with this and realize that the most beautiful aspect of a human is the condition of their soul?

Here is a list of 10 Things That I Believe Makes A Soul Gorgeous:

  1. The Ability To Love
  2. The Ability to Forgive
  3. An Open Mind
  4. An Honest Mouth
  5. A Tamed Tongue
  6. A Healing Hand
  7. The Act of Giving
  8. The Ability to Lift Others Spirits
  9. The Ability to Teach
  10. The Intent to Grow

I encourage you to pursue whatever makes you feel beautiful inside and out. And if you are ever in doubt about the beauty of your wings, I hope you find solace here, in this Honey Hive. Where you are always welcome to grow with me.

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