The Sister-Mom Series | 3. The Late Bloomer

A Late Bloom In June

I’ve heard the phrase, “It’s never too late..” tossed around so many times in my life to so many people in various situations and of different circumstances. The phrase never really sunk in the way it did on June 1st. I have even found myself guilty of pushing this phrase onto others I meet along my life’s journey because I feel those were the words they needed to hear to carry on in their day with a brighter perspective in hopes that they follow the dreams they were courageous enough to share with me. However, walking the talk ignites a befuddling bittersweet feeling.

You see, June 1st was the day I finally walked in cap and gown to receive my high school diploma. Completing such a task at my age (keep in mind I’m not too far off from my 30’s!) stirred a wide range of emotions for me. My value of family is what drove me to pursue this educational milestone. Personally, I felt like I was fine being a graduate of life, going for any job I wanted regardless of my “verified qualifications” through some diploma or degree. I learned what I could and worked like that. But, how could I live like a hypocrite pushing my two youngest siblings to value their education and succeed to their best abilities if I never finished such tasks myself?!

I was the kind of kid who wasn’t aware of their nerdy side completely. I always knew I was pretty good with my school work. I was in advanced or “EXCEL” type programs for as long as I could remember. But when high school hit, I went through some life drama. As some of you may already know, I left home at a very young age. I ended up living a kinda hazy “marriage-like” (never been married) life with my ex-boyfriend for almost 8 years. In that time I ended up giving up on finishing school in order to work at a tax office full-time for the upcoming tax season. I was excited about work more than school since working would allow me to pay my personal expenses. I gave up part-time school at night for the added benefit of full-time employment.

I know deep down I really should have finished sooner, but I’m just a late bloomer I guess! One thing I knew for sure from the lessons of my past is that I never want my siblings to experience the same struggles I have faced when trying to prove your own worth and value as a potential hire without having a simple diploma. I wanted them to face different challenges on their own. Having witnessed my brother’s struggles in a traditional high school setting, and even as of recently my baby sister’s struggles as well, I knew deep down I had to walk in cap and gown to show them that even late is better than never! I hope that is the greatest lesson they can take from my participation in the ceremony. It was also a lesson for me in accepting that it is beneficial to celebrate and acknowledge the milestones we reach. It is a good little fuel to the soul’s inner fire to pursue a dream; reminding us that the work we have put into our passion is indeed paying off.

In reality, we must remember not confuse the illusion that we have to complete certain milestones by a certain age or a certain time in order to be successful. Our mind can sometimes lead us to believe this crazed competition with others as fact, but the truth is that the only person we should actually be in competition with is ourselves the day prior. It’s a silly little daily self-reminder that can truly make a difference over-time. It is indeed possible to “re-wire” the brain to some extent. I like to think of the human brain as some sort of molding clay that never fully cures or dries out. Others have thought of it as “The Plastic Fantastic Brain“. The point to take away is that even into adulthood we can shape our “frames of thought”. Although the clay may be harder to mold as we age, it does not mean that reshaping the way we think is impossible. I’d say it just would require more daily practice.

This is just a small accomplishment but it is a stepping stone towards larger things for what is yet to come in my life. I feel that with this finally checked off my list, I won’t have to worry about feeling like a failure left behind come the day I get to watch my two youngest siblings walk for their graduations. And even better for my brother, he is tackling a diploma and trade skill certification at the same time (He is making me so proud). My sister is even making goals for herself and sharing their thoughts on how she wants to mold herself in small doses as well. It is moments like this when I truly see the tough days pay off.

While the sensation of being showered with sweets, gifts and a bouquet of flowers that made me feel like a pageant queen for the day (thanks to my love) the most wonderful gift I received that day would have to be the presence of my wonderful family and the fact that I had so much support from the small circle that truly matters to me most…those who I consider and will always be family to my heart. The support and love I receive for the ones I love is a true blessing. If you feel you have that same type of love and support from your circle, take a moment now to appreciate and value that bond. It is a bond and form of love that should never be taken for granted. Surround yourself with those who support your personal growth and will celebrate your success. these are the lessons I wish to pass down to my family and to you as well.


Essentially, all I can really do for these two kids is live true to the words I absorbed back in the first week of February ’15.  You see, back in 2015, I worked for a tax and accounting firm. One day, I found this image on the back of some paperwork a client left back for us to process. This woman was a woman I would never forget. Her words and message have stuck with me to this day, and so have these words. I will always do my best to bear another’s burdens if I am able to do so. I will continuously strive to comfort them. But most of all, I will always fight my hardest to stand stall and strive my hardest to be the best example I can be for my family and most of all siblings. I may not always be the best, but I will always do my best. And that is what truly matters at the end of the day.

I hope you honey hive members never forget that you should always fight to be the best you that you can possibly be. You will always have hurdles to face and your own demons to battle, but the fight for flight is worth it all. I wish you all to push for success towards your dreams and aspirations. Don’t sit around hoping for things to change or wishing for them to happen. Nothing will change without action! So give your dreams a try. Everyone starts somewhere. Continue trying and don’t give up. Each attempt only adds to the hours of practice you are putting in. Before you know it, you are no longer an amateur or a beginner and you’re becoming a professional at what you love to do. Value the knowledge you gain and never stop learning something new or growing as a person…regardless of how many years you already have lived on this earth….the tale proves true…IT’S NEVER TO LATE TO START! 

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