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Happy Broken Resolutions Day

January tends to be a month filled with excitement as most seem to be in good cheer with the optimism of starting the New Year fresh. Many are eager to make a resolutions list and unfortunately, history has shown us that in reality only about 8% of us truly keep our New Year’s Resolutions.

Personally, I believe that this can stem from the pressure we put on ourselves to be all or nothing when it comes to accomplishing these goals. When deciding to set a resolution for the New Year, really what we are doing is making a firm decision to do or not to do something. By definition, this entails – ACTION.

Many of us tend to make resolutions that are more often than not — easier said than done. At the moment we fall short of our goals, we then tend to beat ourselves up for failure.

For this reason, I committed myself to never make a New Year’s Resolution again. As I said “Good-Bye” to 2017 and prepared myself to welcome 2018 I decided to be gentler to myself this year and instead make a few New Year’s Intentions.

Whats the Difference Between a New Year’s  Intention and Resolution?

The major difference between a New Year’s Resolution and a New Year’s Intention is the actual course of an action. A New Year’s Resolution is taken with action that is convicted with a strong determination. With this, there is no flexibility to move or grow. It is often revolved around a specific task. A mistake many of us make when creating these resolutions as well, are not being specific enough; thus making us feel pressure to achieve a much grander sense of that goal. Some the top 5 of the most common New Year’s Resolutions are listed below:

  • Get Organized in Life
  • Learn to Say “NO” 
  • Spend Time with Family & Friends
  • Travel More
  • Weight Loss Goal


These resolutions can actually be achieved if we dissect them into a much more specific and achievable task. For example, instead of stating you want to get organized, try to list a space you would like to organize. Is it your room, your desk? Take it step by step. Is your resolution to travel more? You can mold the resolution into a specific trip you plan to make in the year. It doesn’t have to be a whole vacation to Bora Bora, traveling more can be as simple as going to weekly trips with the family more to local hidden gems within your own state.

New Year’s Intentions, on the other hand, aren’t necessarily actions; but are instead more of a sense of guidance we have for our actions. Personally, I feel that our intentions our what guide our “gut feeling”. It is a choice to live with a purpose on a grander scale rather than a specific task. The intentions that I choose to live with this year are as follows:

  1. The intention to live for my self before anyone else.
    • In this intention, I am choosing to remind myself daily that I have to power to allow or forbid my paranoia on what others may think or feel about me get in the way of goals I set to achieve throughout the year. I won’t let others take advantage of me and learn to set proper boundaries.
  2. The intention to be more honest with my self.
    • There were many moments in my 2017 in which life had hit me hard, and instead of taking the time recommended to heal, I pretended I was fine and did my best to just move on. No more. This year, I intend to acknowledge when I feel bad and be brave enough to say, “I am not okay.”
  3. The intentions to come from love.
    • Having begun routine therapy consistently in 2017, I have learned a lot about what kind of person I am. And I realized that in our day-to-day, it is easy to let a single frustration dictate the day’s mood. Well, this year, I intend to come from love regardless of my emotional state. Even in moments of frustration or anger, I intend to allow myself to take a moment to pause before I act.
  4. The intention to grow.
    • There are a substantial amount of years in my life where I have held myself small. I didn’t allow myself to branch out or develop as a person outside my rut routine. 2018’s intentions are looking to kick off the dawn of a new era. I intend to branch out as a writer more this year. I making myself a promise to come out from hiding and share more work than ever before.

All in all, my intentions really come down to being kinder with myself. In fact, we should all intend to be kinder to ourselves. Can you imagine how insane would seem if we said all the nasty stuff we say to ourselves to others?
What kind of intentions do you plan to make this year? What intentions have you already chosen to live with? I would love for you to share your intentions for 2018 in the comments below.


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